Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Spatial Analysis Courses at Penn State

  • SOC 597G: GIS and Social Sciences.
    Author/Instructor: Yosef Bodovski
  • SOC 579: Spatial Demography.
    Author/Instructor: Stephen Matthews
  • GEOG 030: Geographic Perspectives on Sustainability and Human–Environment Systems.
    Authors: Petra Tschakert, Karl Zimmerer, Brian King, Seth Baum, and Chongming Wang.
    Additional Instructor: Daniel Kunches
  • GEOG/EME 432: Energy Policy.
    Author/Instructor: Brandi Robinson
  • GEOG 430: Human Use of the Environment.
    Authors: Travis Tennessen and Emma Gaalaas Mullaney
  • GEOG 438W: Human Dimensions of Global Warming.
    Author: Brent Yarnal
    Instructor: Brandi Robinson
  • EME 444: Global Energy Enterprise.
    Author/Instructor: Vera Cole
  • GEOG/EME 469: Energy Industry Applications of GIS.
    Authors/Instructors: Ron Santini and David DiBiase
  • GEOG 482: Nature of Geographic Information.
    Author: David DiBiase
    Instructors: Jim Sloan and Ryan Baxter
  • GEOG 480: Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in GIS Applications.
    Author: Karen Schuckman
  • GEOG 483: Problem-Solving with GIS—Final Project.
  • GEOG 484: GIS Database Development—Final Project.
  • GEOG 485: GIS Programming and Automation (current Python version)
    Author/Instructor: Sterling Quinn
    Instructors: Jim Detwiler, Frank Hardisty, and James O’Brien
  • GEOG 485: GIS Programming and Customization. (archived VBA version)
    Authors/Instructors: Jim Detwiler, Frank Hardisty, and James O’Brien
  • GEOG 486: Cartography and Visualization.
    Author/Instructor: Adrienne Gruver
  • GEOG 487: Environmental Applications of GIS.
    Author: Rachel Kornak.
    Additional Instructor: Ken Corradini
  • GEOG 488: Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data.
    Author/Instructor: George Chaplin
  • GEOG 489: GIS Application Development.
    Authors/Instructors: Jim Detwiler and Andrew Murdoch
  • GEOG 497B:Location Intelligence for Business.
    Author/Instructor: Wes Stroh
  • GEOG 497CGIS for Transportation: Principles, Data and Applications.
    Author/Instructor: Don Kiel
  • GEOG 497D: Lidar Technology and Applications.
    Authors/Instructors: Karen Schuckman and Mike Renslow
  • GEOG 583: Geospatial Systems Analysis and Design.
    Author/Instructor: Anthony Robinson
  • GEOG 584: Geospatial Technology Project Management.
    Author/Instructor: Pat Kennelly
  • GEOG 585: Open Web Mapping.
    Author/Instructor: Ian Turton
  • GEOG 586: Geographic Information Analysis.
    Author: David O’Sullivan
    Additional Instructors: Frank Hardisty, Justine Blanford, and Alex Klippel
  • GEOG 587: Conservation GIS.
    Author/Instructor: Joe Bishop (Video Resources)
  • GEOG 588: Planning GIS for Emergency Management.
    Author/Instructor: Anthony Robinson
  • GEOG 860: Comparative GIS.
    Author/Instructor: Adena Schutzberg
  • GEOG 862: GPS and GNSS for Geospatial Professionals.
    Author/Instructor: Jan Van Sickle
  • GEOG 863: GIS Mashups for GIS Professionals.
    Author/Instructor: Jim Detwiler
  • GEOG 883: Remote Sensing.
    Author/Instructor: Karen Schuckman
  • GEOG 897A: Cultural Intelligence.
    Author/Instructor: George Van Otten
  • GEOG 897C: Cloud and Server GIS.
    Authors/Instructors: Frank Hardisty and Sterling Quinn
  • GEOG 897G: Trends in Geospatial Technology.
    Author/Instructor: Adena Schutzberg